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Leuven, Belgium

Stella Artois is proud of our rich Belgian heritage. Stella Artois traces its origins to over 600 years ago, to the Den Hoorn brewery in Leuven, Belgium founded in 1366. Stella Artois was born as a Holiday gift to the people of Leuven, from the brewery. The name “Stella” – meaning “star” in Latin – pays homage to the occasion, and a star has been proudly displayed on Stella Artois bottles ever since.

The name “Artois” is a tribute to De Hoorn Brew Master Sebastian Artois. He was a beloved member of both the De Horn brewery and the broader Leuven communities. The name Stella Artois continues to honor his legacy in the present day.

Now, Stella Artois is proud of its place as the #1 selling Belgian Beer in the world. We continually celebrate our Belgian heritage and remain greatly inspired by timeless European design. We’re excited to bring this work of masterful Belgian craftsmanship – Stella Artois– into today’s modern lifestyles.

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