Ukraine Donation

In response to the crisis in Ukraine, TapRm will be donating 20% of all TapRm LA sales indefinitely to support the efforts of two amazing organizations: Come Back Alive and Doctors Without Borders

Come Back Alive: Since 2014, Come Back Alive has become the largest foundation providing support to the Ukrainian Armed Forces by funding purely defensive initiatives. They have supplied nearly 1,000 thermal scopes and over 250 reconnaissance drones, as well as supported technological advancements with 1,500 tablets containing «Armor» artillery calculation software. The organization does not use funds to buy weaponry, CBAs mission is purely to supply technology, training, and ammunition to help soldiers defend Ukraine, and save the lives of Ukrainians.

Doctors Without Borders: DWB has a longstanding presence in Ukraine. They have established teams in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, Russia, and Belarus. DWB is an independent and impartial organization committed to providing medical humanitarian assistance to people affected by the war: no matter who they are or where they are. Due to the efforts made by DWB, a shipment of emergency medical supplies was successfully delivered to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health in Kyiv that contained 1,400 cubic feet of supplies. This shipment included surgical kits, trauma kits, and basic necessities for intensive care units, emergency rooms, and surgical operating theaters. These supplies are now being sent on to hospitals in Kyiv and mulitple towns further east where they are urgently needed. Additional supplies are being sent  throughout the country.

TapRm is determined to contribute as much as we can to help those affected by the recent attacks on Ukraine, and are continually thinking of all victims involved.